Definition of an Emergency
An emergency is a situation involving imminent danger to property or individuals and which requires immediate attention.

The Management Office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to handle all community association business.  After regular business hours, (evenings, weekends, and holidays) calls are automatically transferred to a computerized Answering System. 

The Emergency Number for all associations is 732-364-5900

Please listen to the entire message.  You have the option of leaving a message in the Emergency Mailbox (by following the prompt) or dialing an outside number to reach a live Management Emergency Answering Service.  Either method will result in the Manager On-Call being contacted.  Your call will be returned within one hour.

When calling the Management Emergency Answering Service, please help us help you by doing the following:

All emergency calls are responded to within one hour.  Maintenance type emergencies, however, are scheduled when practical (i.e., roof leaks cannot be repaired during a storm).

Rachel Urrutia 732-364-5900 x223
Diane Cody 732-364-5900 x228
Mary MacDonald 732-364-5900 x201
Rose Clayton 732-364-5900 x214
James Postiglione 732-364-5900 x208